What do you want from your Wedding Disco?

What do you want from your Wedding Disco?

A Packed Dancefloor

We haven’t met a couple yet who weren’t hoping for a packed dance floor at their wedding disco. The easiest way to make that happen is to get up there and lead by example. Nothing beats seeing the Bride and Groom strutting their stuff on the dancefloor, your guests won’t be able to resist joining you!

We’ll take the time to ask you what music you love so we can play irresistible songs to draw you onto that dancefloor. We’re more than happy to receive a playlist from you and we understand if you have a list of ‘please don’t play….’ too.

Music So Good You Just Have To Get Up and Dance.

We know that music matters and we want you and your guests to enjoy a truly unforgettable evening. Part of our skillset is understanding our audience. The profile of your wedding guests may cross generations and we work hard not to alienate anyone, we want everyone at your wedding disco to have an incredible evening, whether they’re young or just young at heart.

We would never presume to just play what we liked, we’ll judge your crowd and we’re happy to take requests unless you specify otherwise.

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Professional and Reliable Wedding DJs Who Won’t Let You Down

There’s two of us for a start, so even if one of us slips on a comedy banana peel and breaks a leg, the show will go on! We won’t let you down. Your booking will be confirmed in writing and we will be there to help make your evening reception a hit!
We have Liability Insurance in place and all our equipment is regularly PAT Tested. We’re happy to email a copy of both, straight to your wedding venue or share them with you upon request.
We are not rookies, we’ve worked as professional wedding djs for many years and we offer a friendly, professional, reliable and competitively priced wedding disco across Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire.

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Value for Money

Our wedding disco package offers incredible value for money, we’re literally around a tenth of the price of a live band and we’ll play all evening with no ‘set breaks’! We don’t have a ‘rider’, we don’t need feeding, we love finding out about you and your music passions and we’ll work hard to make your wedding disco brilliant.

Mood Enhancing Lighting

Check out our Venue Lighting page for full details on the various ways we can transform your wedding venue’s dancefloor area with our awesome optional enhanced lighting, creating a totally immersive dancefloor experience.

No Cheesy Banter!

Just in case you we wondering, we definitely don’t do cheesy banter! We’d never talk over an awesome tune and we didn’t become wedding DJs because we love the sound of our own voices. We love music and we love helping you enjoy an unforgettable wedding night full of great tunes, laughs and dancing.

A Neat Rig That Won’t Take Up Half Your Dancefloor

We build our neat, slick and professional wedding disco rig at your venue ourselves.
We bring everything we need with us and never ask the venue to supply any furniture.

We work with the venue to identify the best spot for our rig so that we’re pumping the tunes straight out onto the dancefloor and not directing it at seated guests enjoying a chat.

Our speakers are awesome, we include some dancefloor lighting as standard and we’ll position ourselves neatly, so you’ve got plenty of room to throw some shapes.

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