Giant Love Letters

Just to be clear, we’re not talking huge envelopes stuffed with poster size letters declaring your love, which the postman can’t fit through a letterbox (although that does sound fun!)…. No! We’re talking light-up giant love letters that make a statement at your wedding and let guests know you mean business!

Giant Love Letters


Be Bold

Our giant love letters are big and bold; they convey a sense of fun, they let guests know they’re in for a fabulous day and a riotously brilliant evening. The Ashes is a spectacularly beautiful wedding venue which doesn’t need masses of decorations but a couple of statement pieces really makes it your own.

Our giant love letters look amazing in The East Barn, our contemporary floral letters are best placed up on the bar balcony where guests can’t help but notice them as they take their seats for the wedding breakfast.

Giant Love Letters from Sound Solutions at The Ashes

Trip The Light Fantastic

The first dance is a time-honoured wedding tradition; you’ll no doubt spend some time contemplating the first track, picking out that one piece of music that means something to you both. You might even make the effort to choreograph a little routine or take dance lessons, so that you really make the most of twirling that amazing wedding dress.

And make no mistake, your wedding photographer will try his or her very best to get a great shot of the first dance but if you want an awesome shot then give them something to work with!

Trip the light fantastic with our vintage style giant love letters on the dancefloor for maximum impact. Your first dance photos will look spectacular!

Giant Love Letters at The Ashes

Set The Mood

We haven’t met a couple yet who weren’t hoping for a packed dance floor at their wedding disco.

The easiest way to make that happen is to get up there and lead by example. Nothing beats seeing the Bride and Groom strutting their stuff on the dancefloor, your guests won’t be able to resist joining you!

But if you really want your guests to let their hair down, throw caution to the wind and let the music move them, you need to create a totally immersive dancefloor experience. Our mood lighting and giant love letters elevate The Ashes’ dancefloor to a whole other level of cool!

Giant Love Letters by Sound Solutions

Get in Touch

Your wedding day is the ultimate celebration, we know you want to enjoy the party of a lifetime at your evening reception and we’re committed to helping you have the best night ever!

For more information and prices for hiring our giant love letters please visit the prices page on our website or give us a call.

As well as supplying our fabulous giant love letters we’re also The Ashes’ preferred DJs and feature in their Dream Team of recommended suppliers. We’d love to hear about your wedding plans and how we can help you pull off the party of a lifetime!

Matt and Will
Sound Solutions Wedding DJs


Giant Love Letters

Our thanks to Joe at One Little Daisy for the brilliant photographs.